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Internet financial shortcut is the Shanghai world financial center

Date: 2014-08-11

Issued by the Shanghai municipal people's government on August 7, "about to promote healthy development of the Internet financial industry several opinions in this municipality (hereinafter referred to in article 20 of the Internet finance) to inform (7 August The xinhua news agency).
There are media interpreted as a version is the national first place Internet financial regulatory guidelines, this is not accurate.March 19, shenzhen has the national first place version support Internet financial advice, Shanghai is introduced after shenzhen second support the development of the Internet financial advice.This is also the national level, the local government level only two in the form of official documents, a clear-cut stand to support the development of the Internet financial policy advice.
Only from this perspective, the shenzhen deserves to be the vanguard of China's reform and opening up, Shanghai deserves to be the financial center of China and the world.Place these two policy makers have advanced consciousness, consciousness of reform and opening up, leading the most advanced science and technology financial awareness are than other regions.From this perspective, support the development of the Internet and financial integration of modern new financial, first appeared in Shanghai and shenzhen.
Shanghai this article 20 of the Internet finance, passes the highest frequency is two words "support", the second is "encouraging".Support the Internet financial and e-commerce, modern logistics, information service, cross-border trade in areas such as integration development;Support the Internet financial enterprises listed overseas multi-level capital market in China (listed);Support large Internet companies such as e-commerce platform in the city set up a small loans, financing guarantee, financing lease, the new financial companies such as commercial factoring and so on.