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Foreign luxury tent hotels enjoy the acme wild extravagance

Date: 2014-12-17

Camping in a foreign country has always been a lot of family tradition, and domestic market "tent to swim" are also growing.If you are full of expectation, listen to your heart's voice, and said goodbye to the traditional camping tents, tents to enjoy high-end luxury hotel.
Sydney south coast of the gulf of Jevis to white sand beaches and clear and transparent water become scuba diving and snorkeling sites, in fact hidden in these towering tall eucalyptus forest a five-star tents, bo buck camping hotel (Paperbark Camp).Hotel is composed of a dozen giant tent, at the beginning of the established, fully consider the natural environment of real estate, flower and grass vegetation, and the improvement of the living birds protection.Between all the tents, hanging in the trees, both to minimize the impact of civil engineering of landscape, and make full use of the sea breeze for ventilation.
Hotel for the protection of the local shrub completely let nature take its course, drought, then its wither, when the rainy season and its rebirth.Cars must be parked in the designated parking spots around the guests through the specialized path identifies bypass the original brush into the station.All stations within the mobile battery car savings by the environmental protection, the discharge of sewage and wastewater by compressing the pumped into the special channels for unified handling.
In addition to traditional maritime movement, staying in Paperbark Camp, visitors can see north of the whales swim in summer and autumn season, overlooking the bay of the scenic beauty to play a game of golf, fine wine can sip the chateau adjacent to product successfully new world wines.And luxurious tents in the guests can enjoy private balcony in the green surrounded by open-air bath crock, soak in warm water, listen to the rustling of the wind blowing shrubs, can you took a book to read, or do a massage.Resort about 11000 yuan/night, lowest 2418 yuan/night.