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Agricultural technology and equipment training classes held national facilities of the notification

Date: 2017-03-27

The relevant units:
In order to speed up the popularization and application of facilities agriculture equipment technology, entrusted by the ministry of agriculture agricultural mechanization division, is scheduled for early may in Shanghai, the national agricultural technology training facilities.Is presently as follows matters related to notice.
A, training time and place
Training time: in May 2017, 7-9, to May 7 journal.
Training location: Shanghai charms hotel (address: Shanghai huangpu district jiujiang road no. 619)
Second, the participants
(1) of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government department in charge of agricultural mechanization and technology promotion agency related comrade.Each province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government, cities under separate state with no more than two people.
(2) of the ministry of agriculture unit leaders and experts.
Three, the training content
(a) facilities mechanization of agriculture and development trend
(2) the facility agriculture intelligent equipment technology
(3) the reduction facilities vegetables chemical fertilizers and water-saving irrigation technology
(4) the typical experience exchange
(5) to inspect facilities agricultural production zone
Fourth, related requirements
(a) participants fill in the receipt (annex 1), on April 15, E-mail or fax to the ministry of agriculture planning design and research institute institute of facilities agriculture (livestock) by the project (Email:ssnyfh@vip.163.com; telephone/fax: 010-59196977).
(2) of each unit, please arrange work, make sure to sign up staff to attend the meeting on time, and submit before April 15 provincial (city, area) facility agriculture development report 2016.
(3) the meeting is not arrange pick up.The delegates on May 7, please with personal valid documents to Shanghai charms hotel (address: Shanghai huangpu district jiujiang road no. 619).The hotel phone: 021-51696251
(4) business contact information is as follows:
Liu yi 13911239907 Liu Xiaoyu 13671382821 phone: 010-59196962;010-59196976.
Attachment: 1. To participate in the facilities agricultural technology training acknowledgement
2. The charms hotel location and traffic routes in Shanghai
3. The facility agriculture development report format in 2016